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Alzheimers is the disease that interrupts our mind by gaps of time, ALS is the one that takes away our body one muscle at a time, Depression sends us to a heavy fog of ash & suns rays never shatter, ADHD is a Rolodex of fleeting thoughts that disallows us to escape from the clatter,…

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Free Your Mind

Shortest Blog ever by Scrappie Momma: I stopped counting the calories, I put the scale in the garage, I refuse to be addicted To this perfectionist mirage Everyday can be struggle Of “omg is this organic??” Bc every health article I read Seems to send me into a panic Health will ALWAYS be a part…

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My slamming poetry. Pictures seem to do well on word press. Most of my blogs have zero pictures and are so damn long.  I think im trying to hard on too many venues of technology and social media. I need to own one of those blog cabins where someone waits on you hand and foot…


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