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Reinvention in parenthood.

Sufficed to say, I was not an overnight success in any of these adventures. Due to my aloof self-esteem and oddly shaped ego, my expectations were unexpectedly messy. And then came the the loco-guilt-train of despair for all that wasted time and money I could have spent binge watching something on Netflix.

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I find myself stopping a blog or discontinuing or not publishing because I am never quite sure how much information I should delve out there on the internet.   I think the struggle for me in writing (and in life) is with my indecisive nature and the good news it’s fueled some Jerry McGuire moments where…

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10 things I need.

Yeah, I know monks live without stuff, but if you know my writing at all, I  am somewhat facetious so please do not take every word I write, seriously! YES, I do write some serious stuff, but my main goal is to make people LAUGH LAUGH AND LAUGH, be inspired and not take themselves so…

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