Professional thought chaser, habitual phone displacer, expert career changer, wait! I want a puppy.

The “About” Page. I write too much, and I lose you, I write too little and I’m vapid.  I’m going to go with short and sweet.

I’m in a perpetual state of finding myself. I hope to inspire people to laugh and live through humor and “da truf”.  I am a  wife,  mother of two, a part-time writer, blogger, debater, negotiator,professional key loser, habitual “where the eff is my phone” screamer, wanna be back-up dancer for Missy Misdemeanor Elliot, artful master-er-er of folding laundry into piles and placing in convenient totes and finally an expert at masterfully acquiring a days worth of outfits from the jammed, laundered clothes that are all in miscellaneous totes labeled “fold me please” – throughout the household.

Here is a recent poem I wrote. I call it Haiku for Lost Items:

“Lonely Socks.
Where do thy go?
R thou Lonely?
Stay. We. Need. U.

Hope you do find me terribly vapid ( really love that word..) and most importantly, I literally hope you LAUGH OUT LOUD when you read my blogs.

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