Squat-clammed done.

HI. My name is Scrappie. I eat gluten,  dairy, pizza,  sugar and everything in between. At my last Drs appt my Dr said I was in amazing health & based on her stats, I have 2% chance of dying from heart disease..(& she’s wicked smart).

I have a muffin top, cellulite, angel wings on my arms and varicose veins. I have oversized quads, undersized hams and I can knock our punching bag to the ground with one freaking punch.

If I read on more squat-clam blog about “what foods to never eat” or see one more, barely dressed woman dripping with sweat, screaming “strong is the new skinny”,  to sell diet shit; my Dr said I will die from spontaneous headus-explosinista.

I love healthy food just as much as I love the thought of owning my own bakery one day (Where  I am the apprentice  Baker. .😂).  I have been underweight, overweight (according to the ‘charts’),  athletic & currently – kind of athletic & kind of lazy.

Pretty much every woman I know struggles with their body image (including myself). I have good days and horrible  days when it comes to my body image. The good days stem from me working on my inside demons. The bad days stem from me comparing myself to ridiculous ideals of what a woman ‘should’  look like.

My advice to any woman who struggles with this, find ways to accept and love your self for who you are right now, don’t dwell on past bull, and  savor the moments that make your heart swell!!

..(I am not trying to exclude men…I’m just speaking from experience.
My wheelhouse is talking obsessively about how I am not obsessive with food, exercise, age & body image for women..😊)



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Laurie Free has two high-spirited children, with the trial lawyer litigation skills, when it comes to basic hygiene, such as teeth. Her patient, loving husband has supported her through all career endeavors, ranging from teaching Hip Hop Fitness,
(and I flunked "swag school") to peppering him with questions such as,
"Why haven't you turned on the 'wifi-gigibyte-hot-spot, and can you find the Gravatar?"

She does not scrapbook and lifted the name from the show "Friends", when Phoebe told Monica she was "Scrappie". She "scraps" her way with gusto into every endeavor. Yesterday she announced "I want to be a Life Coach"
.. Maybe, one day it will be Scrap-booking, till then I hope you enjoy my blog!

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