4 stages of Hunger

I have 4 appetite moods:

  1. “Hangry” = “I just don’t care anymore”
  2. Dizzy = “I literally can’t even. No One Talk to me or move or look at me.”
  3. Satiated and extraordinarily optimistic =
  • “I want to be a dog therapist. Or a Therapist of Veterinarians. Or A Veterinarian The”rapist”
  • OR  “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!” (in  my Gladiator Russell Crowe voice)
  • OR  “I can do ANYTHING. The world is my OYSTER. and I am it’s PEARL. and I hate Oysters”

4) Cheesecake /Mexican food full = “I’m dying.  I’m so bloated. I am impregnated by food. I have a Cheesecake Baby. I’m so              full. ..  Hey do we have any ice cream?”

That’s all I got …after a summer off of blogging.


Laurie Free View All →

Laurie Free has two high-spirited children, with the trial lawyer litigation skills, when it comes to basic hygiene, such as teeth. Her patient, loving husband has supported her through all career endeavors, ranging from teaching Hip Hop Fitness,
(and I flunked "swag school") to peppering him with questions such as,
"Why haven't you turned on the 'wifi-gigibyte-hot-spot, and can you find the Gravatar?"

She does not scrapbook and lifted the name from the show "Friends", when Phoebe told Monica she was "Scrappie". She "scraps" her way with gusto into every endeavor. Yesterday she announced "I want to be a Life Coach"
.. Maybe, one day it will be Scrap-booking, till then I hope you enjoy my blog!

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