10 reasons I love the Walking Dead

1) Zombies eating entire people and emulating my, “I’m bloated Where’s for effing midol!!!” Pose (think Laurie season 3?)

2) English  actors  masterfully crafting the Southern Accent.

3) Abraham articulating , possibly the best, new profanity, ever to dawn Mother Earth, when faced with fighting off 500 zombies to save the damsel in distress.

4) Bad Ass chicks,  rocking the skinny jeans, Justice glitter belts, Cole Haan boots and weaponry. Fashion FIRST bishes.

5) Carol morphing into Tony Soprano from a Stay at Home Mom.

6) Me. crying , not at the death and destruction,  but wailing into the TV  “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DARRYL, TAKE A SHOWER! !”

7) The utilization of thumping , heart pounding, rave inducing , dub step to lure Zombies into a trap.

8) The houses in this in this season,  OF A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE,  are CLEANER, and more meticulously decorated, than a Pottery Barn house.

9) Actually a suggestion,  writers /producers of Walking Dead should use ‘No Church in the Wild” (Jay Z Kayne and Frank Ocean) to open or close an episode.

10) Saying out loud when Michonne places her GIANT OPEN SWORD, over the mantel.  “Well, I guess she won’t be inviting Judith over for any play dates” Baby proof  people, safety first.

talking dead zombie zombie apocalypse zombie apocolypse zombies

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Laurie Free has two high-spirited children, with the trial lawyer litigation skills, when it comes to basic hygiene, such as teeth. Her patient, loving husband has supported her through all career endeavors, ranging from teaching Hip Hop Fitness,
(and I flunked "swag school") to peppering him with questions such as,
"Why haven't you turned on the 'wifi-gigibyte-hot-spot, and can you find the Gravatar?"

She does not scrapbook and lifted the name from the show "Friends", when Phoebe told Monica she was "Scrappie". She "scraps" her way with gusto into every endeavor. Yesterday she announced "I want to be a Life Coach"
.. Maybe, one day it will be Scrap-booking, till then I hope you enjoy my blog!

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