10 reasons I love my husband.

My husband’s birthday is upon us, and I always struggle with the “perfect gift”, because quite frankly, I should be gift enough as an adoring wife and mother to his two beautifully mannered children.  Seriously, the one thing that drives me crazy about buying cards, is I can never find the card that truly expresses my feelings, and conversely, I have difficulty expressing my own feelings, so it puts me in quite a pickle.  I do have the gift of ‘literary gab’ so I thought what better way to express my love for my groom, than through writing.  (I also struggle with gift-giving; One year, I bought fancy jeans from Structure, and let’s just say their “slim cuts” are geared towards twenty year old hipsters than live on coffee and vegan air burgers.  Another year, I wanted to buy him shirts similar to the ones Cameron wears on Modern Family, but not quite as “paisley”, but came home with a collection of shirts washed in a sea of hot-pink   These are just small examples of many a botched gift-giving ceremony situations.)

Listed below are the ten reasons I love my husband:

1) He does not co-sign my two year old tantrums.  When I am hungry , over tired and maybe it’s that “day” of the month, I do not possess a very pleasant demeanor.  My husband does not put up with that nonsense and that is the best thing for every person that might be in close proximity during one of my meltdowns.  He jokes that I turn Joe Pesci from the Snickers commercial when my blood sugar is low.

2) He pushes me to want to be a better person. I know this sounds cliche and possibly quite reminiscent of the movie “Jerry McGuire”, where he says “you complete me”, but he does complete me.   I am not a romantic person, I do not like all that froo-froo stuff, but he makes it so I want to try my best to show that I do love him and appreciate everything he does for our family.

3) He makes me laugh.  He says hysterical things like “The hoes do not want to give up their snatch?” when I say things like “The hose has become detached” (referring to the garden hose, not the ‘hoes’) and laughing is my medicine. Does this make him the Doctor of Love? He also says “That’s what she says” after pretty much any comment I make on a daily basis.

4) He reminds me that he appreciates everything I do as a stay at home mom.  Anyone that has every fulfilled this role, knows how incredibly important it is to hear this  from your spouse. In a society where self worth is attached to a dollar sign and the “working woman who does it all” is put on a pedestal like no other,  I absolutely have no shame in saying that I love the fact that my husband recognizes my value and understands that there may be 8900 loads of laundry on top of the guest room bed by Friday because we all got hit with the bubonic stomach flu or quite frankly, I just did not get to that chore.

5) He likes to mow the lawn. I mean he actually LOVES to mow the lawn.  He likes to be busy and active.  He also recognizes the importance of down time.  He’s very balanced.  Considering the fact that I tend to go to one extreme or the other when it comes to coma-like sleep versus manic productivity, he helps ground me in reality.

6) He does not get caught up in vanity. My husband is handsome, confident in his looks,  but he never lets any of this consume him.  I can honestly say he never compares himself to any other person, in a effort to build his own confidence.   I I think beauty lies in the fact he cares about his appearance but he does not let this facet drive his motives in life.  I guess this is a very long way of saying, “My husband is sexy”.  If you know me, I do not usually talk bout people being sexy, I guess it falls in the “froo-froo romance” category. Yes, you  are right, I did not like any of the Twilight moves.

7) I love the way he is a father to our children.  I do not even know how to put this into words.   I do not know if you can describe  watching a father’s love for his children grow everyday.

8) I love the way he makes coffee. It literally tastes perfect.  You know when you go to your favorite breakfast restaurant , mainly because they have the BEST coffee, well this is how I feel about my husband’s coffee making skills. Maybe because he adds a teaspoon of love to every pot (Okay, I know that was the ultimate ‘froo-froo’  statement)

9) He has supported me through my numerous career endeavors.  For example, at age 39, I decided it would be a brilliant idea to become a fitness instructor and become certified in various formats that may not have pulled from my strengths.   Even standing up in front of a a group of people shouting out commands, was WAY out of my comfort zone.  In the back of our minds, we both kind of knew that this was not the best career choice for me, but he supported me 100 percent.     Right now,  I am working on the “writing career”.  Every-time I get all “well if I did this, or took this class, or what if I am not good enough because I do not have a graduate degree in English etc etc”, he stops me in my tracks and tells me to “JUST WRITE” !

10)  He is the soft but stern foundation for me to rest my insecurities. I have the propensity to “future-projectile-spew” all my anxieties of “what’s to come” in our futures. I have the tendency to be fifty steps ahead to prevent anything negative from happening to our family and it deters me from being in the moment.  My husband, is the calming voice that will put his hands on my shoulders, look at me and say “It’s okay, you are safe and it’s all going to be okay, enjoy what you have right now”


I was going to go to Nordstroms because I have a coupon and buy “my baby pretty things”, like some more “Cam-Themed” shirts, but I really wanted to do something that came straight from the heart.  Happy Birthday !!, I love you very much!!







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This blog is like the ridiculous sweater I bought at Anthropologie a few years ago. It was on sale and the sales lady told me "it looks awesome on you." It's the most bizarre sweater, and whether it looked good on me or not, is highly debatable. Like these blogs, I look at them at say "Yeesh, what was I thinking,," or laugh or bath in their cathartic qualities. The sweater stays for the same reasons.

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