10 things I’m grateful for right now!

I am trying to avoid Facebook because its just not a great place for me right now (wait? am I contradicting my title!! ?? wait for it…..
THE  one thing I have seen going around on Facebook which I think is pretty awesome (outside of “animals being jerks”, kids writing inappropriate essays by accident on diply.com and “smushy” baby faces)  is the “I am grateful” posts! Listed below are my 10 things I’m a grateful for right now:

1) Shelter
2) Food
3) Pintrest. I like it. I get good ideas and it’s not full of righteous condemnation or articles that link sugar consumption  to cocaine abuse or articles predicting the end if earth via genetically modified marshmallows.
4) My gratitude jar and the fact that the kids don’t quote “get it” and blurt out  “funny” responses to for its existence.
5) My kids doing their schoolwork. Yes! they complain,  but they are trying their best and that makes me happy.
6) My messy house. Yes,  I’m  still a little wide-eyed neurotic because there are Legos in my bed and bathroom but it means my children are still young and want me to hug them and give them smooshy kisses. I know this will change.
7) Forgiveness.
8) Spirituality
9) Coffee. I really do not care if people think it is “bad” for you. I’m over that reedunkulous debate. I like it and it’s a morning ritual for me that compliments my soul.
10) The license plate I saw yesterday with the word “ridqulus”. Seriously, I want one.


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Laurie Free has two high-spirited children, with the trial lawyer litigation skills, when it comes to basic hygiene, such as teeth. Her patient, loving husband has supported her through all career endeavors, ranging from teaching Hip Hop Fitness,
(and I flunked "swag school") to peppering him with questions such as,
"Why haven't you turned on the 'wifi-gigibyte-hot-spot, and can you find the Gravatar?"

She does not scrapbook and lifted the name from the show "Friends", when Phoebe told Monica she was "Scrappie". She "scraps" her way with gusto into every endeavor. Yesterday she announced "I want to be a Life Coach"
.. Maybe, one day it will be Scrap-booking, till then I hope you enjoy my blog!

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