“oh sh#/! what if we run out of SNACKS?” gene. still. alive…

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I guess I haven’t quite buried the “my kids will never feel hunger EVER EVER EVER” demon quite yet. Sometimes I feel like I have made so much progress in my perpetual need of protecting my kids from my childhood, and then I look in the pantry. or freezer. And I am like “oh crap. I have some Journaling to do this week”

I have to laugh at myself and some of my quirks because they are a part of my DNA.  My family has no choice but to laugh with me OR feel an abundance of gratitude that we will absolutely survive a Zombie Apocalypse. In fact, we may be the “go-to” house for snacks and non-perishables. Well, except for the Ben & Jerrys. That will most likely be gone by then….


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Laurie Free has two high-spirited children, with the trial lawyer litigation skills, when it comes to basic hygiene, such as teeth. Her patient, loving husband has supported her through all career endeavors, ranging from teaching Hip Hop Fitness,
(and I flunked "swag school") to peppering him with questions such as,
"Why haven't you turned on the 'wifi-gigibyte-hot-spot, and can you find the Gravatar?"

She does not scrapbook and lifted the name from the show "Friends", when Phoebe told Monica she was "Scrappie". She "scraps" her way with gusto into every endeavor. Yesterday she announced "I want to be a Life Coach"
.. Maybe, one day it will be Scrap-booking, till then I hope you enjoy my blog!

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  1. Oh gosh how I relate honey with your shopping to prepare for a zombie apocalypse! My husband will say to me I’m not buying anymore crackers and granola bars until the 6 boxes are eaten. I only see 3 boxes because I hid the rest so my cracker living munchkin doesn’t eat them all in a week. This are me giggle so much and check my pantry too. ☺️

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